Live Commerce Automation Platform
With Nuffnang Live you can automatically capture Facebook Live comments as sales, process your orders with an integrated payment gateway and seamlessly allow your customers to shop with you.

Over 200,000 users/agents

SiteGiant UniCart system provides easy to use tools for eCommerce sellers to create their own branding online with more than 40 website templates to choose from

Over 290,000 products

SiteGiant allows eCommerce sellers to List products to over 30 local and international marketplaces with just few clicks.

Over 4.8 million orders

Must-have tools for every successful Facebook and Instagram business. SiteGiant Social Commerce consist of Facebook Shop, Facebook Messenger Shop, Facebook Smart Responder, Facebook Messenger Bot and Instagram Shopping.
Easy Facebook Live Integration
Connect your Facebook account to Nuffnang Live and run your Facebook Live sessions with our automated capture and management dashboard.
Automatically Capture Orders
No more manual screenshots or DMs! Capture your customers’ orders automatically as if they are shopping on an e-commerce site.
Integrated Payment Gateway
Get rid of messy online transfers and manage your sales income with a proper payment system.

Explore how to expand your business with Nuffnang Live

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