This is a 3-day comprehensive course for anyone who is looking to strengthen their branding on social media as a thought leader in their own relevant industry. Throughout this course, we will be covering the different pillars of building social media influence. We will cover technical skills in content creation, optimising various social media platforms to reach their target audience, soft skills to build a strong and impactful online persona, and even business skills on how to work with other brands and clients for social media activations. It will be an end-to-end course to support any individual or brand who is looking to build an influence on social media.
Basic understanding of available social media platforms and how it works.
Social Media Influence, Branding & Marketing, Social Media Strategy
Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:
  • Optimise your social media channels.
  • Build an Online Persona.
  • Develop your Social Media Strategy for Instagram/ Facebook & TikTok
  • Build brand collaborations
  • Individual or brand who is looking to build an influence on social media
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs or direct sellers who are looking to take their social media presence and business to the next level
Trainer : Jamie Thoo
Director of Super D&J Sdn Bhd
Jamie is a ‘mom-preneur’ who worked in a multinational company for eight years, started her own business using almost her entire savings. After she had gotten married, she took her business online with a capital of RM500 based in a small town, Kuala Krai, Kelantan. She invested six years to build skills and strategies to grow her online business. Jamie learned from scratch about dropshipping, stock tracking, products outsourcing, designing, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics, purchasing and quality control among various other skills in order to achieve her goal.

Being ever determined and hardworking, Jamie has built many successful e-stores in the market and now enjoys a good reputation on the Shopee & Lazada platforms as a seller that ‘walks the walk’. Jamie is proud that her business income exceeded several million ringgit in 2021, which enabled her to support her family comfortably. Jamie unwaveringly faced the challenges and grabbed the opportunities brought on to her when running her business. She has never shied away from people of any position in life. No matter what happens around her, she always keeps a smile on her face.

Today, Jamie is a SHOPEE XPERT, SHOPEE certified trainer and LAZADA certified trainer of Alibaba Business School. Her passion is to guide business owners and help women who want to achieve the same success as hers. With her sales experiences, she has trained over 10,000 salespeople while managing several brand stores. For Jamie, believing in yourself is the key to realizing your greatest potential.
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