Ivy Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Ivy Lee joined Commerce DotAsia Ventures  Sdn. Bhd. in August 2018. She is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction as well as human resources. Within finance, she guides the controller, treasury, accounting, tax, and internal audit functions to pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy and meet its clients’ and investors’ expectations.
From 2016-2018, Ivy Lee worked as a Senior Group Finance Manager in Chemopharm Sdn Bhd. In addition to her accounting and finance oversight responsibilities, she involved heavily in the due diligence exercise when the shareholders of Chemopharm started cycling through the exit process. She has specifically given important input to the drafting and negotiation of aspects of the definitive transaction agreement within her scope of responsibilities, including financial statement representations, working capital and other purchase price adjustments.

Prior to Chemopharm, she was Senior Vice President of MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd. In this position, her responsibilities included accounting, financial planning and analysis, tax, treasury, and corporate strategy with a focus on developing policies and procedures to improve performance and productivity. She helped MOL aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and high-growth.

Before joining MOL, Ivy held a series of finance positions of increasing responsibility at Goldis Berhad. Ivy was responsible for external financial reporting for more than five years when Goldis was a publicly-traded company. During her tenure, Ivy was instrumental in building out the finance business support capabilities and function in some subsidiaries of Goldis Berhad. Ivy is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).